How To Get Listed

Hunky Strippers is the UK Directory for Male Strippers & Female Impersonators and listings are 100% FREE to performers working in the United Kingdom.

All we need from you is the following

  • Your preferred contact details - your own direct contact phone number, email and web site address (if applicable) which you do not mind being available on the Internet (mobile numbers are fine) or your preferred agent's contact number.
  • What services you are offering - Please provide at least 200 words discribing what your offering, A name and contact name does not sell any product
  • A good quality photograph - You can have upto 5 photo's featured these will need to be sent via e-mailĀ
  • You must state in your correspondance your stage name and real name, and also state that you are over the age of 18.
  • Region covered - All performers are listed on the National Listings page, however, we do also split our listings by UK region, so you need to tell us which area you prefer to work in, North, Midlands or South. If you do not tell us which region you prefer, you will only get one Hunky Strippers National listing.
  • We reserve the right, not to list a performer or to amend listings. Links to all performer web sites now require a RECIPROCAL LINK. If a web site contains any form of hostile code or contains material which we find to be unsuitable, we reserve the right not to link to it.
  • All listings on Hunky Strippers are 100% free. We do not sell enhanced listings. Please make sure you have read all the above properly, because most of the questions we get asked regarding unlisted acts are answered here on this page.

If any of the above information is not provided or is incomplete, it may delay getting your listing getting onto Hunky Strippers.